Meet our Partners

AfriSil only partners with the best manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe, so with us you know quality and in depth knowledge is always assured.


Under our brand, Andisil®, AB Specialty Silicones offers the personal care marketplace an extensive line of silicone based ingredients as well as the ability to custom formulate raw materials and blends to specifically suit your needs.

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KCC Basildon

KCC Beauty: Based on personal care successes and the very highest of standards

KCC Beauty, as a brand from KCC Silicones and Basildon Chemicals with headquarters in the UK, is committed to supplying personal care silicone products to the very highest of standards.

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CHT Bezema

The CHT Group offers a wide range of special high-quality silicones for home care products as well as for the production of high-quality car care products.

No matter if for the retail market or for professionals – our additives achieve extraordinary performance, high efficiency and maximum reliability.

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PennWhite Global Chemical Solutions

PennWhite is a leading manufacturer of foam control agents. Our Foamdoctor ® range offers superior foam suppression or elimination in almost any process which generates unwanted foam. From vegetable processing through water treatment to plastic recycling, we have a solution to your foam problem.

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Libra Speciality Chemicals

Based in Manchester, UK, Libra Speciality Chemicals are a leading UK Chemical Manufacturer and global distributor of surfactants and speciality industrial chemicals. Chemicals are supplied into various industrial markets including Household & Institutional Cleaning, Personal Care and Industrial sectors including Oil Field, Agriculture, Lubricants, Metal Working and Coatings markets.

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Berg & Schmidt Functional Lipids

Berg + Schmidt has been operating in the oleochemicals sector for over 55 years, and the company has achieved an outstanding position in the international markets.

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Radiant Free Radicals and Antioxidants

As a leading manufacturer in the cosmetics industry Radiant is devoted to produce active ingredients derived from nature. The portfolio consist of natural extracts finding application in sensitive skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis as well as activity in haircare and sensitive scalpcare.

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Provence Essential Oils

Ideally located in the heart of Haute-Provence, PROVENCE ESSENTIAL OILS is specialized in the production of pure and natural essential oils, for the Perfumery, Cosmetics and Aromatherapy.

As producer we can guarantee high quality products, full traceability, all-year-long availability and rock bottom prices.

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European OGD Ltd is the European sales office and distribution centre for Oriental Giant Dyes and Chemical Ind Corp, Taiwan, a manufacturer of dyes and chemicals.

We supply a comprehensive range of speciality dyes and chemicals for a wide range of industrial applications.  We offer extensive technical knowledge based on wide experience of the colour-using industry.

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Rheolab manufacture a range of Conditioners and Rheology Modifiers for Personal Care for use in hard to thicken formulations.

Rheolab manufacture conditioners and modifiers where excellent sensory properties are required, where cold water formulation is desirable, for use in extremes of pH, where some stability to electrolyte is desirable, in formulations containing solvents, or in formulations where some suspending properties are required.

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