Rheolab manufacture a range of Conditioners and Rheology Modifiers for Personal Care for use in hard to thicken formulations.

Rheolab manufacture conditioners and modifiers where excellent sensory properties are required, where cold water formulation is desirable, for use in extremes of pH, where some stability to electrolyte is desirable, in formulations containing solvents, or in formulations where some suspending properties are required.We are constantly seeking to add quality ingredients to our range, either from our own research and development or from exciting ingredients derived from and used in related areas such as pharmaceutical preparations.

We have a number of external testing and formulation facilities besides our own in-house laboratories in Leeds and Chicago.

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers to create individual solutions and we have strong relationships established with a range of tolling partners.

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The Rheosol range offers tailored solutions to control rheology, and specialised ingredients for cosmetic formulations. Apart from rheology modifiers, the Rheosol range includes hair conditioning product.


These are our range of “Part Natural” Cosmetic Polymers. Alongside our conventional polymeric thickeners, the Natursol range makes up a comprehensive range of personal care thickeners. We are the partner of choice for thickening any formulation.


The Kleasol range offers tailored solutions for application areas requiring transparency.


Rheolab has also extended its polymer expertise into the area of colour cosmetics, through our Coloursoft range.

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