Just feel the pure essential oils from Provence !

Ideally located in the heart of Haute-Provence, PROVENCE ESSENTIAL OILS is specialized in the production of pure and natural essential oils, for the Perfumery, Cosmetics and Aromatherapy.

Our farmers work in harmony with their environment, respecting the traditions for the cultivation and distillation of local aromatic plants. All our products are 100% Provence origin, birthplace of Lavender and Lavandin.

As producer we can guarantee high quality products, full traceability, all-year-long availability and rock bottom prices.

PROVENCE ESSENTIAL OILS is certified by Ecocert both for the Organic cultivations (Agriculture Biologique) and for the Organic products (COSMOS).

We can also offer customized plantations and productions for the essential oils that you need.

PROVENCE ESSENTIAL OILS is your local partner for natural scents and well-being ingredients.



Our essential oils are 100% SUSTAINABLE and NATURAL, obtained by traditional steam distillation. This process is eco-certified and environment friendly, with no solvent, no chemical additive, no paraben. Most of our essential oils come from land cultivated on organic farming so there is no GMO and no pesticides.

Our essential oils are 100% PURE, with guarantee “HEBBD” : Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oils. It means that all their specificities (composition, botanical name, reproduction organ, origin, date of distillation, mode of cultivation, provenance of the plants) are completely identified and traceable.

They are products of PREMIUM QUALITY, in accordance with ISO, AFNOR and ECOCERT standards, in order to ensure a constant analytical and olfactory quality to our customers.

Our essential oils are multifunctional. Very famous in the design of Perfumes, essential oils are also used as active ingredients in Personal Care applications, Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care and Toiletries.

In Aromatherapy they help to treat minor ailments of everyday life. Besides their curative functions, they operate preventively by stimulating the immune system so our body effectively fights more against bacterial and viral infections.

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