KCC Beauty: Based on personal care successes and the very highest of standards

KCC Beauty, as a brand from KCC Silicones and Basildon Chemicals with headquarters in the UK, is committed to supplying personal care silicone products to the very highest of standards. Our dedication to the regulated industry of personal care, as well as food & pharmaceuticals, is backed up by embracing the regulations surrounding these industries with a team of experts and formulators at our customers’ disposal.

Our continued investment in production facilities – which meet or exceed the requirements for production of the raw materials we supply to these industries, ensures our commitment to our customers to do our very best to meet and exceed their expectations.

In all that KCC Beauty does, its number one aim is to translate the requests and requirements of its customers into a product offering which enables them to develop and grow their business. The success of KCC Beauty is based on the success of its customer base and we aim to never lose sight of this.

Global Technical and Formulation Support

In helping our customers to grow their business, we view technical support and product development as one of the main priorities, and investment in technical resources to support our customers is an on-going commitment. The European Technical Centre for KCC now resides at KCC Basildon in Oxfordshire, the headquarters for KCC Beauty. This recently expanded facility is dedicated to the European customer base as well as supporting customers globally through its links with the Central Research Institute in Korea and the Japan Research Centre in Tokyo. Together, these three centres form a huge, global resource of knowledge and experience which is at the disposal of our customers. In addition to this, the KCC emulsion plant in Guangzhou, China, is also manufacturing personal care emulsions supplying South East Asia and beyond.

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